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Environmental Studies

As per the UGC requirements, the Center offers a 4 credit course on Environmental Studies which is a compulsory course for all Undergraduate students to be taken during the first year. The aim of this course is to provide to undergraduate students the basic knowledge about Environment, both natural and anthropogenic, in different spatio-temporal domains (local, regional, global). More specifically, it discusses the multidisciplinary nature of the Environmental Studies, renewable and non-renewable resources, biodiversity and ecosystems both in India and over the globe. In a second level, it provides knowledge about the different kinds of pollution, the influence of environmental degradation on human health, nature and ecosystems and the global concern of greenhouse gases, climate change and implications and sustainable development.

The Course content includes:

1.Introduction: Multidisciplinary nature of Environmental Studies

2. Natural Resources

3. Ecosystems

4.  Biodiversity

5. Environmental Pollution

6. Environment and Social issues

7. Human population and Environment

8. Sustainable Development

As a part of this course  Field Study Tours are organized for the students to visit a major environmental site and submit an assignment report which is evaluated and marks allotted. In the past field study tours have been organized to: Yamuna Biodiversity Park (New Delhi), Aravalli Biodiversity Park (New Delhi), Okhla Birds Sanctuary (Noida),  Keoladeo National Park or Keoladeo Ghana National Park  (Bharatpur), NTPC Power Plant (Dadri), Timarpur Waste Management Plant (Jasola, New Delhi) and Okhla Sewage Treatment Plant (Jasola, New Delhi).

Field Study Tours

As mandated under the UGC Syllabus for Environmental Studies one unit equivalent to 5 hours (1 Credit) has to be devoted to Field Study. Under this activity the students visit the sites related to environment such as Waste Management Plant, Sewage Treatment plant, Thermal Power Station, Wild Life/Bird Sanctuary, Biodiversity Garden, etc., and study the specific site and prepare a Field Report for evaluation.

Under this Unit Field Study Tours are conducted for the students to visit sites such as  NTPC Power Plant Dadri, Timarpur Waste Management Plant, Jasola, New Delhi, Okhla Sewage Treatment Plant, New Delhi, Yamuna Biodiversity Park Wazirabad, Aravalli Biodiversity Park, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, Okhla Bird Sanctuary, Noida, Bharatpur Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary, Bharatpur, etc.

Some glimpses of field study tours to  NTPC Power Plant Dadri, Timarpur Waste Management Plant, Jasola, New Delhi, Okhla Sewage Treatment Plant, New Delhi, and Yamuna Biodiversity Park Wazirabad  are shown in the photographs.

1. Visit to NTPC Power Plant, Dadri.

2. Visit to Timarpur Okhala Waste Management Plant (TOWMCL), Okhala New Delhi.  

3. Sewage Treatment Plant (Jal Board New Delhi), Okhala New Delhi.

4. Visit to Aravali Biodiversity Park, New Delhi