Employee Speak

C. P. Mehta - Dy. Manager, Accounts

“There have been some very difficult days on the job due to the contemporary Covid 19 pandemic scenario. It’s remarkable how our organization team have managed to keep everything running smoothly. I really appreciate the team hard work, cooperation, endurance and perseverance. Proud to be a Team Member.”

Rudra Roy - Sr. Engineer, O & M.

“Thanks to the seniors & team leaders for pointing out my concerns and competence. I really appreciate collaborative, inspiring and supportive culture of the Company, where input from any team member have equal importance. I really appreciate the cooperation and agree that our team did an outstanding job to achieve organizational objectives in the Compost area.”

G. S. Negi - Dy. Manager, HR Admin.

At TOWMCL, the employees are always motivated to go beyond their usual tasks and work, to embrace newer skills, develop their repository of talents and out-perform themselves in multiple arenas. It is a place where you can paint your own canvas and write the future on your own!

Brijeshwar Singh - Dy. Manager, HR Admin.

Since my transfer to Okhla Plant each day comes with a new experience in working and learning. The manifested office hierarchy is nowhere observed, everyone, seniors to subordinates I’ve found standing with each other at the time of need. Such understanding, cooperative and friendly atmosphere is rare in the industry. It was just heard about the long lasting employer-employee relationship in Jindal Group but here it is established. May this legacy of mutual trust and togetherness be blessed.

Raghvendra Singh - Senior Engineer

Its been mixed feelings of working here in JINDAL ITF TOWMCL. The plant/workspace that gave me the experience of working and standard of living.

I did spend my beautiful 4 years of working here with supportive staff, obviously learned a lot, each year I grow like a little sapling from trainee engineer to senior engineer the journey was beautiful and looking forward for the same.

My first year obviously started as engineer trainee then second year was my project engineer phase, third year I was working as a maintenance engineer and in fourth year I started looking after operations, these all things build me up mentally to phase difficulties in coming years of my life, to which I give thanks to TOWMCL and team.

As an individual I got so many beautiful opportunities on which I did prove myself, let us hope to get introduced to new work platform in near future.

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Ankur Kumar - AM, P&D.

I’m very pleased to be part of TOWMCL family. The company has given a lot of opportunity and exposure to me. The seniors supported me to enrich my practical knowledge and experiences as a professional. Not all the organizations and management extend such cooperation to their team.

Thanks to all my mentors.

Ankur Kumar AM, P&D.

Timarpur Okhla Waste Management Company Limited.