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The TIMARPUR-OKHLA Waste Management Company Pvt Ltd's (TOWMCL) integrated waste to energy project in Delhi

Timarpur Okhla Integrated Waste processing facility is India's first waste-to-energy project. It was established in January 2012 under a public-private partnership model of the Government of Delhi. This facility processes 2,000 tonnes of solid waste per day and produces 16 MW of renewable energy.

Timarpur Okhla Integrated Waste processing facility was setup under a Public Private Partnership model for Government of National Capital Territory Delhi, and it is India’s first waste to energy project that has been operating since January 2012.

The plant processes 2000 MT per day of Municipal Solid Waste & produce 16 MW of Renewable Power.

TOWMCL Integrated Waste processing facility offers a safe, technologically advanced means of waste disposal while also generating clean, renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas and in particular methane gas emissions and supporting recycling through the recovery of metals and other recyclable materials.

Below are described some of the salient features of the plant

- Segregation into recyclables, Inerts and Plastics as per SWM rules 2016;

- Negative pressure to control odor and fugitive gases from MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) storage before feeding into Boiler;

- Leachate Collection & Treatment System to maintain discharge norms;

- State of the art Boiler Combustion Technology for better combustion and lower emissions;

- Exhaustive Flue Gas Cleaning System makes Project as Source of clean renewable energy;

- Public display system for continuous online display of emissions;

- Global climate benefits recognized under the KYOTO Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism;

- Less land requirement compared to any other waste management technology;

- Rainwater Harvesting System & Exhaustive Fire Fighting System installed;

- Wind Anemometer and Ultrasonic Hooter system for avoiding bird menace;

- Plant aims to achieve “ZERO WASTE” discharge. Fly Ash conversion in to bricks using Brick manufacturing plant

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